Sales increase of up to over 200% for dental matrices alone


The manufacturer of the worldwide unique and sustainable Walser® tooth matrices is pleased about outstanding sales increases up to over the 3-digit range.

As of today, Dr. Walser Dental can already report a 31% increase in sales abroad alone compared to the same period of the previous year. Looking at the increase in sales in Europe, the growth here is even 67%. A doubling could be achieved by the end of the year.

Total sales of the dental instrument manufacturer grew by almost 20% in the first three quarters of this year.

Furthermore, the number of clinics worldwide that want to work with the unique and sustainable Walser® matrices increased strongly again this year.

Already last year, despite the immense impact of the Corona pandemic and the associated worldwide forced closures of dental practices, an increase of 9% was recorded in terms of new customer acquisition abroad alone.

This year, the growth in assortment orders for new customers is even 46% higher than the number in the entire previous year up to 31/12/20.

The largest increase Dr. Walser Dental can report in direct sales to clinics worldwide: As of today, the increase in sales is already more than 200% compared to the total annual sales in 2020. This outstanding increase in dental clinics worldwide, which now also work with the time- and cost-saving Walser® matrix system, shows the enthusiasm and the great benefit of the unique system for clinics worldwide.

In addition to dentists, more and more organizers of restorative courses worldwide are also becoming enthusiastic about the use of Walser® matrices.

A world-famous manufacturer of composite filling material has already been using the Walser® matrices for over 2 years in the restorative courses in Southeast Asia, including all ASEAN countries. This cooperation was already extended to Austria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic at the beginning of the year.

In addition, more and more training centres in Europe and worldwide are registering their interest and want to work with this unique and sustainable system in the restorative courses.

Thank you very much for the great orders and for your confidence in our handmade Walser® matrices!

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