Sales of dental matrices currently 93% higher than in the previous year


Only abroad we were able to increase the sales of Walser® dental matrices and Walser® dental matrix sets so enormously compared to the previous year. We would like to thank our dentists and dealers all over the world for their confidence, which is reflected in this enormous increase in orders.

In the comparable period from January to today, we achieved, abroad alone, 93% more sales than in the same period last year. This enormous increase in sales is, among other things, due to the fact that Walser® dental matrices are being used in more and more user courses and dentists immediately recognise how to use the sustainable Walser® matrices with a hand movement in seconds. The users are especially enthusiastic, because they save a lot of time and money, according to the users.

Lately, we receive more and more "voices from the practice" from dentists who enthusiastically report how advantageous above all the sealing against blood and saliva is with the Walser® matrices. But also how much they enjoy the shaping and the time saving when using the Walser® dental matrices is reported. They further explained that our Walser® matrices were recommended by colleagues who were also looking for an uncomplicated and time-saving matrix system with which they can achieve perfect contact points.

Many thanks for the great orders and for your confidence in our handmade Walser® matrices!

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