Enormous increase in orders for the "Best of 2020" award-winning Walser® dental matrices


Especially in times of Corona, dental fillings should be placed quickly and easily. With the "Best of 2020" award-winning Walser® dental matrices, dentists need only half the time.

In the 3rd quarter alone, orders from dentists in the German Online Shop increased by more than 65%. In the International Online Shop, there was an increase in sales of more than 20%. From the beginning of the 3rd quarter until today, sales of the "bestseller", the set of 25 with forceps, have increased by 38.7% in the German Online Shop. In the International Online Shop, sales of the "bestseller" have increased by 30%.

New users in particular have expressed their enthusiasm for the "bestseller", the new tooth matrices for 4-surface fillings and the matrix for extra-deep caries. These matrices, like all other Walser® dental matrices, are placed in seconds with a single hand movement and have also been awarded "Best of 2020" at the Industry Award.

Here you can find more information about the novelties and the "Best of 2020" awarded tooth matrices and products.

We would like to sincerely thank all our worldwide users for their enthusiastic "Voices from the dental practice" on our website. We are very pleased to see how dentists from all over the world report that for them Walser® matrices are the best dental matrices in the world.

We sincerely thank all users for their orders and their loyalty in our handmade, in our factory in Germany manufactured products. We look forward to continued good cooperation with you.

Here you can see a list of awards for our efforts.

Here you can order the "bestseller" and the "Best of 2020" dental matrices without registration in the Online shop.

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