Many applications, only one has made it


Continued high number of applicants for the manufacturer of the Walser dental matrices, that have already uncompleted a training.

The graduated Marina Röver from Singen made it despite all refusals, but still getting a training course as a clerk for office communication although she had applied in September, first. Before she preserved a traineeship, during which she passed the different areas through the Dr. Walser Dental and was adjusted after. 

This year the sectional matrix system manufacturer Dr. Walser Dental received many applications for the business apprenticeship, again.

80% of the pupil, who were invited for work by the employment agency, did not advertise at the Dr. Walser Dental at all.

Like last year, the number of applicants who had already started with a training and uncompleted it for not comprehensible reasons, was high. So another increase in applications had to be recorded by teaching terminators. Two of this had abandoned the training even in the 2nd training year.

An applicant was invited to the interview and cancelled it 15 minutes before. She would have got a job which would be located at her place of residence more nearly. She called again three hours later and said she would have thought about it and would like to come to the interview anyway.

Some who were invited and promised to send the application, did not adhere to this anyway. Sometimes the received applications were already repeatedly on the way, therefore they were unsightly, had many spelling mistakes and some curricula vitae were incomplete or proofs of testimonials were missing. But also cover letters for other professions came in. Some, who should replace the testimonials or should call back, have not reported any more.

Some have already abandoned several trainings. So e.g. an applicant had already started with four trainings and uncompleted everyone, one applicant uncompleted two trainings and three studies without degree.

As a welcoming present the trainee received a top 100 book about excellent enterprises in the small and medium-sized businesses in which the Dr. Walser Dental is also reported about, by the management. In addition, a group portrait was made with the trainees.

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