Most did not fulfill the criteria


A graduate of the two-year training college Radolfzell, economy school, which qualified before by a traineeship became the apprentice for office communication at the manufacturer of the Walser dental matrices yesterday. Another announced position as an apprentice remained unoccupied.

Last year the Dr. Walser Dental, who is successful worldwide with their sectional matrices, received 40% more applications for open positions as an apprentice in 2011 then a year before. However the number of the applicants who have already abandoned a training increased to 50. After checking all applications and participating pupils at traineeships only one pupil could be taken on. A position as an apprentice remained unoccupied due to lack of qualifications.

The managing director of Dr. Walser Dental presented the trainee from Radolfzell, Ms Martina Bohl, the "top 100 book, excellent enterprises from the small and medium-sized businesses" as a welcome present, in which are also reports about the Dr. Walser Dental.

Even though more than 100 applications came in and thus clear more than in the previous years, the choice was difficult. Many have already long sought in vain for an apprenticeship. Not a few had already uncompleted a training in another company, usually for no comprehensible reasons. The grades of the applicants were not convincing either. "So it seems that it is difficult today to graduate with the mark B at least in German. Not to mention the English marks. Really too bad, where English is so important today, anyway", so the managing director Gerhard Daiger. For Dr. Walser Dental English is inevitable since the enterprise delivers his products in more than 80 countries.

90% of all applications contained misspellings. "Also this year we found up to 18 misspellings already in a simple cover letter! So very simple words were written wrongly or were missing. An admission of incapacity", so Daiger, "where everybody knows that today an application should be written without faults; particularly since the cover letter can be read and corrected by parents or friends."

Daiger is convinced that qualified experts are an essential prerequisite to guarantee the customer services and products in high quality. Therefore he furthermore would like to give a chance to young people who show motivation and engagement.

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