Inlay- & pin tweezers

adapted from Dr. WalserInlay und Stifpinzette Höchster Schließdruck!

These tweezers retrieve the inlay at the outer most edge only, which is projected in a divergent position with respect to the finished edge of the cavity.

The tips of the tweezers feature a special transverse groove. The edge of the filling locks into the groove. Two tiny indents result from the combination with the longitudinal groove. They allow the secure retrieval of both convex and concave edges.

For a secure retrieval, the required divergence of the edge of the filling is only minor. The horizontal level of the transverse groove prevents the inlay from slipping out of the tweezers when applying pressure.


  • Can also be used to retrieve root pins, articulation paper, swabs, etc.
  • Provides a secure hold of the inlay because the tips of the tweezers are pushed against one another as a result of the strong locking pressure.
  • There is no doubt about the correct placement in the mouth, even when using small or almost symmetrical inlays.
  • Correct orientation for the transfer of the filling into the tweezers from the model.
  • The filling can be lowered deeply into the cavity. This is beneficial for the try-in.
  • When the filling is locked in the tweezers, the dental assistant can easily wipe it with alcohol, blow-dry it and coat it with cement.

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