Rendez vos petits patients heureux!

L'assortiment pour enfants, idéal quand il faut aller vite

In this package, the assortments are delivered           The children's assortment is delivered in this foam insert L'assortiment pour enfants avec pince contient les matrices suivantes:
1x #1, 1x #5, 1x #7, 1x #13, 1x #25        
Demandez votre assortiment pour enfants ici aujourd'hui!                        

Les matrices idéales pour les enfants

En cas des obturations bifaces avec un espace interdentaire existant, les matrices forme en X offrent un réel soulagement, en particulier avec les enfants. Parce qu'avec #1 et #13 vous pouvez placer deux obturations aux dents adjacentes en même temps.

D'habitude, en raison de leur impatience, une seule obturation peut être placée. Non seulement les enfants seront heureux!

Les matrices forme en O #5, 7 et 25 conviennent particulièrement aux obturations MOD.

Die Zahn-Matrizen sind auch für Kinder bestens geeignet   

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Dr Jiri Proch, Tulln/Austria
"...Ideal points of contact, very good anatomy and sensational quickness. A very important point especially in children. I recommend Walser Matrices to all physicians who settle down with a private clinic, too."

Dr Elke Noelke, Wuppertal/Germany
"I get along with it  fantastically, because Walser Matrices are applied on the tooth by spring force perfectly. Even the assistants are very excited because the cotton roll holder holds the saliva better than any other system. And for children the X shape is ideal."

Anja Bilow, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
"Very wonderfully easy handling. Fast, secure placement, best matrix system for child care, always tight, beautiful shape."

Monika Groß, Halberstadt/Germany
"...Easy application, time saving, very good patient’s acceptance (especially children!). I am enthused about the matrices for last molars, now these fillings are made relatively quickly and anatomically satisfying. Altogether, the system is well composed and definitely recommendable. Your presentation at the dental fair did not promise too much! Many thanks!"

Dr Melek Ince, Wiesbaden/Germany
"I have used your Walser matrices with great success for years. Particularly successful for treating milk teeth are the nos. 1 and 2 in combination with using wedges. I am dentist for children and adolescents."

Dr Wolfgang Gonser, Starnberg/Germany
"I'm very happy with it. They apply very well and quickly. Because of that, the treatment is very well accepted by the patients, especially children always know to appreciate speed."

Bettina Broscheit, Norderstedt/Germany
"Even from the handling working with Walser Dental Matrices is simply good, much easier than if I had to compose entirely of individual parts from a sectional matrix and wedges. Especially on the milk tooth I can therefore work particularly well. I can explain to the children directly with the die, what I am doing and why it "pinches" a bit and that it is over in just a minute. And so it is!"

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