Demandez gratuitement le film utilisateur sur les matrices dentaires Walser® pour les cliniques et les écoles dentaires ici

Le film utilisateur et les clips vidéo sont parfaites pour visualiser le gain de temps et d'argent des matrices Walser®.

Le film utilisateur gratuit en 5 langues (environ 4 minutes), réalisé dans une clinique dentaire suisse, montre à l'aide de deux patients avec quelle rapidité et quelle facilité l'application des matrices Walser® se fait en un seul mouvement de la main.


Now request the user film Walser tooth matrices


Demandez gratuitement le film utilisateur en 5 langues.

Demandez en plus les 4 clips vidéo gratuitement ici.

Les matrices dentaires du Dr. Walser Dental ont reçu le prix Best of 2022  

Commandez notre best-seller, l'assortiment complet, ici. Les matrices Walser® ont été honorées plusieurs fois.

Travaillez avec les matrices Walser®, comme beaucoup de dentistes et de professeurs dans le monde entier, et obtenez des points de contact et des résultats parfaits

Prof Dr Sami Sandhaus, Lausanne/Switzerland
"We use Walser Matrices here in the clinic for many years. The sit of the matrix is anatomically accurate and tight and so I recommend them in seminars and training events every time. Dentists not knowing them before are simply delighted: In the ergonomics it is unbeatable. Right after the die was placed over the tooth, you have a good fit of the die with wedging only for the optimal contact point."

Prof Dr Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Borba - University of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo/Brazil
"Dear colleagues, in 1974, I was presented with the "Walser Matrices". They made me grow a lot in my clinic. They are fantastic."

Dr Jiri Proch, PhD, Tulln/Austria
"Walser Matrices are the second greatest achievement after the invention of the wheel. As the chief purchaser of the Lower Austrian Regional Health Insurance I've searched really long, but there is nothing that comes close to it on the whole market: Ideal points of contact, very good anatomy and sensational quickness. A very important point especially in children. I recommend Walser Matrices to all physicians who settle down with a private clinic, too."

Prof Dr Unmesh Khanvilkar University Navi Mumbai/India
"It's a amazing Walser system, not only me but my students love it and patients like it. After using this I really feel my investment in this system was really worth. All my cases got a perfect contact restorations and I am able to finish cases in half of time compare to other matrix systems."

Dr Richard R. Pence, Denver/USA
"Walser Matrices are a wonderful, time-saving invention for me! I have been using the "X-shape" Walser Matrix for years, after seeing it at a dental meeting. It saves so much time when restoring adjacent composite restorations. I did not realize that the other shapes were available for MOD and last tooth fillings, so I have just ordered a kit to use more of these clever matrices. This system should be taught in Dental Schools!"

Dr A. Voicu David u. Dr. Svetlana David, Arad/Romania
"Me and my wife, who is a dentist too, have been working with pleasure with the Walser Matrices since 1984, when we finished the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medicine Institute of Timisoara, Romania. Since 1992 we use the Walser Matrix System in our private dental offices with great success. We and not to mention more than 7.500 patients are very satisfied and happy with Walser Matrices, for the excellent design, the good marginal seal, the large variety of shapes, the easy-to-use and the rapidity of handling. In the last 10 years we have many young students at dental faculties and young dentists for professional training in our dental offices. We show to all of them the extraordinary and top-level use of Walser Matrices, recommending to buy and to start working with this system..."

Dr Esperanza Mieko Yumibe, Mexico City/Mexico
"I appreciate Walser Matrices and recommend this fabulous system to all my colleagues. Here at my clinic in Mexico City patients appreciate the saved time and money, but more importantly, that nothing needs to be sent to the dental laboratory, like inlays. With this technique I can handle several teeth during one treatment."

Dr Ursut Horia, Brasov/Rumänien
"When I was student I wanted to find a simple and efficient matrix system. I tried Dr. Walser Dental Matrices and since then I use them in my daily practice. They are easy to handle and adapt very well on tooth anatomy. There are some clinical cases that need an anatomical wedge to fit properly. The contact point is controlled perfectly, but there are also clinical cases that need a stronger contact point. I am very satisfied with them and I recommend this system to my colleagues. Keep up the good work!"

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Le temps, c'est de l'argent. Particulièrement dans les cliniques dentaires, les choses doivent aller vite car il faut faire beaucoup d'obturations dentaires.

De plus, les coûts jouent un rôle important. Vous ne gagnez pas seulement du temps, les matrices dentaires Walser® sont réutilisables et stérilisables. Puisque elles sont placées rapidement d'un seul mouvement de la main, elles conviennent parfaitement à tous les matériaux d'obturation, en particulier les matériaux composites.

Que ce soit pour les adultes ou pour les enfants, les matrices dentaires Walser® sont très populaires parmi les utilisateurs du monde entier.

Pendant leur longue durée de vie, ils ne perdent jamais leur force de ressort constamment élevée. Un dentiste peut travailler avec un assortiment environ 2 ans jusqu'à ce que toutes les matrices soient consommées. Cela permet d'économiser beaucoup d'argent et l'environnement dit merci aussi!

Vous trouverez ici la liste des nombreux avantages avec des informations détaillées.

Des dentistes enthousiastes dans plus de 120 pays travaillent quotidiennement avec nos matrices dentaires Walser®.

Vous trouverez plus de «témoignages d’enthousiasme» ici


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