Invention captures the world

Dr. Walser Dental recently presented its new invention at the world's largest dental trade fair.
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New tooth matrix with automatic adjustment for 4-surface molar fillings

The newly developed tooth matrix of Dr. Walser Dental is adjustable and adapts automatically to the tooth shape of molars.
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New The Kids Set Walser® Matrices

Make your small patients feel happy! The Kids Set, ideal when things need to move fast. Applied with one hand movement in seconds.
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Television crew of RTL at Dr. Walser Dental

Out of ten thousands of exhibited products, at the greatest dental exhibition worldwide, Dr. Walser Dental was elected with its innovation into the "12 highlights."
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New Walser® Matrix for last teeth fits disto-cervical automatically

A handle. Click. Sitting: Unlike conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can put or remove a Walser Matrix with a single hand movement. In seconds!
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New: Walser® Dental Matrix for biplane fillings

A handle. Click. Sit: Unlike traditional matrices and sectional matrices a Walser Matrix can be placed or removed with one single hand movement. In seconds!
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New Walser Dental Matrix and rubber dam clamp forceps

The new Walser Dental Matrix Forceps with its large span, made from the finest stainless steel, fits even better in your hand.
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The dental scheme for the fast and reliable determination of the Walser sectional matrices

The by Dr. Walser Dental newly developed display with dental scheme for the dental office, made of special synthetic material,
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New tooth matrices for one-sided deep caries

Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, which produces the X-, O-shape and front tooth matrices in 25 different sizes for the upper and lower jaw as well as special shapes, has developed by
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