New tooth matrix for extra deep caries on one side


One grip. Click. Fits: In contrast to conventional matrices and sectional matrices, this new tooth matrix can also be placed and removed with a single hand movement. In seconds!

This new dental matrix 10d, which is handmade in our company, was developed by popular demand of dentists from the practice for the practice. Again and again it happens that on one side of the tooth there is deeper caries than on the other side. In such cases, a stainless steel band usually has to be cut by hand in a very complex and time-consuming process. Not with this new Walser® tooth matrix! It is 5 mm longer/deeper on one side. Like all Walser® matrices, it can be placed and removed in seconds with one hand movement and one click. Depending on the application, the matrix can be turned with the deeper band side mesially or distally.

The new matrix was enthusiastically accepted by experienced dentists who already work with Walser® matrices. They report that the users save a lot of time and money. And of course, like all Walser® matrices that are used in more than 120 countries, it can be sterilised, can be used several times and never loses its consistently high spring force.

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