From all over the world enthusiastic testimonials from practice

Dr Jiri Proch, PhD, Tulln/Austria

"Walser Matrices are the second greatest achievement after the invention of the wheel. As the chief purchaser of the Lower Austrian Regional Health Insurance I've searched really long, but there is nothing that comes close to it on the whole market: Ideal points of contact, very good anatomy and sensational quickness. A very important point especially in children. I recommend Walser Matrices to all physicians who settle down with a private clinic, too."

Prof. Dr Sami Sandhaus, Lausanne/Switzerland

"We use Walser Matrices here in the clinic for many years. The sit of the matrix is anatomically accurate and tight and so I recommend them in seminars and training events every time. Dentists not knowing them before are simply delighted: In the ergonomics it is unbeatable. Right after the die was placed over the tooth, you have a good fit of the die with wedging only for the optimal contact point."

Dr Dirk Leusch, Emmerich/Germany

"The system is great, I’ve never had a better matrix in my hand."

Dr Michael Damouras, Erlensee/Germany

"Dear Sirs,

I am a user of Walser matrices since many years. I get on super with the Walser matrices. Particularly benefial is the good tightening against blood and saliva. Since I work with Walser matrices I am much faster with doing fillings."

Holger Frede, Gummersbach-Bernberg/Germany

"Dear Walser team, Once I had tested the matrices, I have been enthusiastic. I am wondering, how often during the last 30 years I could have treated faster and easier.

The pleasant consultation at the exhibition and on the phone is exemplary, too. One realises immediately, that the supplier Walser is a good partner."

Oliver Kohl, Dinslaken/Germany

"Dear Sirs, when your employee demonstrated the Walser® Matrices at the dental fair in Dusseldorf, initially I was very sceptic, because actually I was looking for another type of matrix system.

To begin with, I decided to start with the assortment of 10. I have already made some fillings with your system and I am fascinated with the quick and simple handling. I have never thought that it could be so easy to make a filling with a perfect contact point. A wedge was barely required until now.

Since then, no patient has complained about gingival problems any more. To be honest, I am angry with myself since I didn’t buy the assortment of 25 immediately.

Many thanks, I will reorder definitely and kind regards to your employee.

Best regards

Oliver Kohl
Dentist from Dinslaken/Germany

Dr Martina Kuhnt, Leipzig/Germany

"I have been working with Walser Matrices for 20 years. No other matrix system is placed so fast, so perfect and also holds the cotton rolls!! The anatomical design is always correct. I only use Wedges occasionally, and then these are also be fixed so well. I have rarely reproducing with the contact points, then this is also determined by the size of the filling and the tooth position. I can only recommend these matrices to all my colleagues!"

Richard R Pence DDS, MAGD, Denver/USA

“Walser Matrices are a wonderful, time-saving invention for me!
I have been using the "X-shape" Walser Matrix for years, after seeing it at a dental meeting. It saves so much time when restoring adjacent composite restorations. I did not realize that the other shapes were available for MOD and last tooth fillings, so I have just ordered a kit to use more of these clever matrices. This system should be taught in Dental Schools!"

Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Borba - University of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo/Brazil

"Dear colleagues, in 1974, I was presented with the "Walser Matrices". They made me grow a lot in my clinic. They are fantastic.

Cervical adjustments and the anatomical contours of the crown are wonderful, timely placement and removal, great relative isolation with cotton rolls and above all the patient's comfort to both, children and adults.

Initially I used Walser matrices for amalgam restorations, now I only use resins that do not change by the metal. Quality, strength and practicality have taken in my work. Even the use of the same after 42 years as University Professor, and within this time demonstrating this matrix system to my students, this WALSER MATRIX has remained the best I've ever used. Congratulations to DR. WALSER DENTAL GmbH."

Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Borba.CD
Prof. Especialita Surgery and Maxillofacial
Prof. of Dental Materials
Prof. Implantology and Prosthodontics -Diplomado - ICOI
Prof. Clinical Aesthetics
University of Mogi das Cruzes - São Paulo - Brazil

Sara Fritz, Rheinbach/Germany

"We work with your matrices for more than 30 years and we are more than content. We never had problems with the reprocessing and the matrices have a super long lifetime!"

Dr Esperanza Mieko Yumibe, Mexico City/Mexico

"I appreciate Walser Matrices and recommend this fabulous system to all my colleagues. Here at my clinic in Mexico City patients appreciate the saved time and money, but more importantly, that nothing needs to be sent to the dental laboratory, like inlays. With this technique I can handle several teeth during one treatment."

Monika Groß, Halberstadt/Germany

"I bought the assortment of Walser® matrices with forceps at the dental fair in Leipzig and tried them the following week. Easy application, time saving, very good patient’s acceptance (especially children!). I am enthused about the matrices for last molars, now these fillings are made relatively quickly and anatomically satisfying. Altogether, the system is well composed and definitely recommendable. Your presentation at the dental fair did not promise too much! Many thanks!"

Dr Christian Fischer, Iserlohn/Germany

"For over 15 years, I use Walser Matrices with pleasure. Now in the creation of my own practice, I of course bought myself a set. From a handling aspect they are indescribable, so easy! Because the preformed matrix is used with the matrix forceps, it is all very simple without fiddling and you immediately have a great adaptation to the box. I can fix the wedge as I need it on the anatomy and I am not defined by a system. Especially with the X-shape I get great contact points. With other matrix systems this is not so easy to get. The staff didn’t know Walser Matrices, they are also very excited, especially of course because they are so quick and cotton rolls are fixed in the envelope. I like to Walser Matrices especially their purism!”

Dr Aristoteles Biliouris, Naoussa/Greece

"Walser Matrix System is a "Must" in everyday's dental surgery. Smart, simple to handle and reliable with a seldom need for wedges. A first choice system, no doubt.”

Dr Niels Herholz, DDS, Kiel/Germany

"Tried everything out, but Walser Matrices is the best system. I must seldom use wedges."

Andre D. Bergh, BDS, Witwatersrand/UK

"I have been doing posterior composites for many years now and have tried numerous sectional matrix systems, non really that easy to use. At IDS March 2013 I discovered the Walser Matrix system. 25 different matrices, all hand made, very thin bands and spring loaded. They are quick and easy to apply giving an excellent contact. Other systems had me wedging all the time, now I rarely need to wedge thanks to the spring loading. I have used them for a year now, they last. One of my favourite pieces of equipment. There is a specialized matrix for a specific purpose. I can now do 2 adjacent composites with 1 matrix band thanks to the X-shaped matrix."

Dr Josef Schmid, Munich/Germany

"Walser Dental Matrices are my system of first choice. The handling is fast, efficient and it fits optimal as a rule."

Ahmed Kamal, Zakho/Iraq

“Walser Matrices are a wonderful, so simple, easy and time-saving invention for me. Thank you so much.”

Dental group practice Dr Tausend, Dr Hirschmann, Melanie Waldmann, Kempten/Germany

Analena Langenfeld reports:
"I use Walser Matrices because they ensure a good proximal contact. One can work very quickly with them, they adapt well and one gets beautiful results even with unilateral deep caries, where other systems or Tofflemire find their limits."

Katrin Gemperlein, Werneck/Germany

"I've met Walser® Matrices in my assistantship. At first I thought, 'Oh God, what is that?' But applied two or three times it happens by itself: Since then I'll take nothing else. The easy, fast handling with the forceps, the safe insertion also in tight interdental gaps and wedges could also be placed well, if it should come to bleedings. The box is always dry, as it should be!"

Dr Melek Ince, Wiesbaden/Germany

"I have used your Walser matrices with great success for years. Particularly successful for treating milk teeth are the nos. 1 and 2 in combination with using wedges. I am dentist for children and adolescents."

Anargyros Christou, Attika/Greece

"For me, the use of Walser matrices is a big and pleasant surprise. It is so easy, is so fast and the patients have no complaints. The system is in my opinion ingenious."

Dr Hanna Löster, Halle/Germany

"I have been working with Walser Matrices for 6 years and they were now one of the first purchases, which were made on the way to independence for my own practice. I can only recommend it to all my colleagues, I myself would never give it up."

Dr Mohammad Hajarat, Gosford/Australia

"I have been using Walser Matrix bands for 4 years. It is the single best matrix system around. It gives optimal proximal contour for the filling, optimal contacts, whether with an adjacent filling or adjacent tooth surface. The x-matrix saves a lot of time and gives me best contact between adjacent fillings. Use it once and you will never look back."

Dr Bär & Colleagues, Sohren/Germany

"We use Walser matrices, because you can work with them very smartly: By the spring force the matrice sits taut directly and mostly no wedge is required. Therefore bleeding into the cavity is rarely a cause. Very happy we also use the X-shape for adjacent fillings. New collegues in our practice of seven dentists are thrilled because they can be incorporated into the workflow with Walser Matrices very quickly. These matrices could set correctly each of our assistants already."

Dr Ursut Horia, Brasov/Romania

“When I was student I wanted to find a simple and efficient matrix system. I tried Dr. Walser Dental Matrices and since then I use them in my daily practice. They are easy to handle and adapt very well on tooth anatomy. There are some clinical cases that need an anatomical wedge to fit properly. The contact point is controlled perfectly, but there are also clinical cases that need a stronger contact point. I am very satisfied with them and I recommend this system to my colleagues. Keep up the good work!“

Ute Heinicke, diploma-stomatologist, Bad Dürrenberg/Germany

"I have tried many matrix systems, the Walser Matrices are the best. They are easy to handle and adapt very well."

Dr Bertrand Christophe, Sierck les Bains/France

"To listen to the practitioners Walser Matrices are an innovative system, one of the key innovations to address the challenges faced in restorative dentistry."

Steffen Leichsenring, Hainichen/Germany

"I use Walser Matrices because an incredibly good point of contact can be established with them interdentally."

Dr Ute Fröhlich, Weisendorf/Germany

"I use Walser dental matrices since the beginning of my professional activity and since then I have already some experience behind it to talk frankly. Walser matrices fit perfectly and do not slip, the band is very thin and you made very good contact points. For the curing of composites I have an extension with a lower scattering angle, it works wonderfully."

Dr Katharina Bellgart, Hamburg/Germany

"Walser dental matrices are incredibly simple to apply, easy to place and the die is already taut by spring force."

Nina Hartmann, DDS, Darmstadt/Germany

"I met the Walser Matrices first at the handing over by the predecessor of my clinic and thought: There's nothing else at all so stunning! Approximal points perfectly without reworking by 90 percent! They are easy to place, with the X-form you can put adjacent fillings. For each filling there is a suitable matrix, such as the No. 10c for single deep caries. So I have a tray with the complete system of all the matrices in every treatment room!"

Bronislava Jakovkin, diploma-stomatologist, Kiel/Germany

"Best matrix system ever."

Tom C. Schwartzkopff, DDS, Uetersen/Germany

"With the Walser Matrices it is very easy to design the optimal approximal point. They keep tightly on the tooth and thus they are suitable for the use of composites and advanced materials, while other sectional matrix systems sometimes fail by high tamping pressure. They are easy to apply and wear out very little. Moreover, you can work up Walser Matrices very easy and use it for a very long time."

Dr Rudolf Gottschild, Bad Harzburg/Germany

"Works quickly, well and leads to beautiful results. As simple as that!"

Mohamad Jacobs, DDS, Düsseldorf/Germany

"With Walser matrices one achieves top results in all situations without a lot of rework. Whether MOD, especially deep caries or caries under gums: regardless of the tooth shape you always have exactly the right matrix. Particularly I’m excited about the X-form: occlusal-distal and mesial-occlusal really great fillings in only one appointment. The contact point is controlled perfectly with only one wooden wedge - something that isn’t achieved by any other system. And the longtime using of every single matrix comes in addition."

Dr Wolfgang Stute, DDS, Bielefeld/Germany

"The most practical and simplest system for the everyday use."

Dr Carola Urwantschky, PhD, Neu-Ulm/Germany

"I am extremely enthusiastic about Walser Matrices. The simple handling, the good adaptation to the tooth. I also rarely need wooden wedges, the good shaping of the contact point by the matrix is essential for me.

The cotton roll holder is also fantastic, the tongue does not do what she wants there. Papilla bleedings rarely happen and through this that the matrix seals up with sliding at once, it does not come to bleeding into the cavity. Since I use Walser matrices, I am always surprised why there are still other systems at all."

Christine Albinger-Voigt, DDS, GZM, Bad Homburg/Germany

"Walser Matrices are placed very fast, not the slightest comparison with the systems with the wedge included. The matrix is already on the tooth very well by itself and provides a good contact point. One very seldom needs wedges there. It holds the cotton rolls tight, where I need them, this is a very pleasant thing."

Dr Xenia Starlinger, DDS, Mistelbach/Austria

"For me, please, these are the best: The matrix is tight on the tooth by the tension which it has by the springs. The simple handling, the economy, because one must not throw them away but can often use them again. All reasons why I have used Walser Matrices for years."

Dr Stefan Lorenz, PhD, Düsseldorf/Germany

"Walser Matrices are not as sensitive as a partial matrices made of synthetic material or metal, which are very sensitive. With Walser Matrices we have a certain ruggedness which of course is also wished in the mouth. The more exercise one has, the faster it gets of course."

Dr Elke Noelke, PhD, Wuppertal/Germany

"I get along with it fantastically, because Walser Matrices are applied on the tooth by spring force perfectly. Even the assistants are very excited because the cotton roll holder holds the saliva better than any other system. And for children the X shape is ideal."

Dr Frank Konowski, PhD, Hamm/Germany

"I have been working almost exclusively with Walser Matrices for the last twenty years. They last as good as forever. I don’t know a better system and if you have some practice, then a Walser Matrix is applied within seconds. With the No. 24 for last teeth you have unbeatable space in the stoma, place it over the rubberdam carefully and then you do not need the rubberdam clamp any more, the dam is fixed from the Walser Matrix."

Susanne Hüttner, DDS, Leipzig/Germany

"I am absolutely thrilled. Like all dentists I have sought the perfect system - this hasn’t let me down."

Birgit Fuchs, DDS, Schmerbach/Germany

"I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only that Walser Matrices are very easy to handle and quick to place, also that the matrix fixes the cotton rolls in place is thrilling. I place it directly on the rubberdam, the clamp is actually no longer needed then."

Dr Dirk Viehmann, Trier/Germany

"I work with Walser Matrices since 2009. The handling with the forceps was initially a little matter of habit, but it is a great advantage. With Walser Matrices I get stronger proximal contact points. I use Walser Matrices regularly."

Dr Gernot K. Zibell, PhD, Offenburg/Germany

"I use them since 20 years and that there are good reasons for that: The handling is perfectly! Yes, you may very welcome to quote my opinion."

Sabine Giebelhausen, DDS, Berlin/Germany

"I love working with Walser Matrices because they can be applied equally as well as sitting tight immediately without secretion into the cavity."

Dr Ralph Griesbach, Schutterwald/Germany

"I have tested various systems, but I have been quite happy never before. Some dental matrix systems are usable for small to moderate fillings very good, but many fillings are just deep subgingivally.

Dental strips from steel are often very softly. A spillover of the proximal defects is connected with a lot of adjustment or even cutting matrix band and whittling the wedges as appropriate. The tissue is traumatized and time passes.

Therefore I was impressed instantly by the Walser Matrix: I had to clamp and to place them on the tooth was finished immediately. The die has a taut fit by the force of the integrated spring and seals the cavity from blood tight even at extremely deep caries without wedges. The matrix band is relatively stable so that a bending of the die is not possible.

Due to the various shapes available any cavity is efficient well catered for. Surpluses are low, rework is reduced to a minimum."

Dr Ivana Kules, Ivanic Grad/Croatia

"Working with Walser Matrices is for me discovery, enjoyment and safety have done restoration. The biggest advantage is speed: Applies in a couple of seconds, no challenge, no surplus (90% of fillings do not have), nicely fitting to the tooth, no surrounding secretion - everything is clean and tidy. Because of them I am able to make more fillings, and definitely I save time.

Walser matrices ensure a beautiful and "proper" restoration straight out of the textbook. There is no risk of contamination with blood or saliva. The matrix is in tight contact with the tooth and there is no surplus of material. But the most important fact is, that a beautiful contact point succeeds almost always without any rework.

Since I "discovered" Walser Matrices, I have been working exclusively and only with them. Admittedly, when it comes to MOD and DO and MO-fillings, I prefer the O-forms. It is because when I was working with the X- form, I received a contact point / plane with the adjacent tooth. The doubled shape at X-forms have a tendency of separation and thus to create a gap, while the O-forms have a tendency to expand - and so create a better contact point.

Equally well for amalgam and composite fillings: I recommend Walser Matrices to all of you with enthusiasm, makes it 100% easier to work!"

Orhan Eroender, DDS, Düsseldorf/Germany

"The first thing that speaks for Walser Matrices is the easy handling. Because of the spring mechanism the matrix applies very well at the equator. It adapts very well to the anatomy of the natural tooth and that leads to a very nice round, individual design, which I do not have by sectional matrices. Very great is the possibility to get the perfect shape for defects on adjacent teeth by the X-form-matrix. The contact point I manage by using only one wooden wedge."

Dr Richard Turner, DDS, Gray/USA

"Sure, I can vouch for the fact that Walser Matrices are a huge time saver, whether restoring individual teeth, or restoring quadrants at a time! They are easily placed and removed in one step, often not requiring wedges due to the spring pressure. I reach for them daily."

Matthias Bacher, Bern/Switzerland

"I have always used Walser matrices. A crucial factor for me is the fact that they are simple, fast and safe to use and universally applicable. Moreover, they are also extremely durable life. For me this is the perfect matrix system."

Dr Wolfgang Gonser, PhD, Starnberg/Germany

"I'm very happy with it. They apply very well and quickly. Because of that, the treatment is very well accepted by the patients, especially children always know to appreciate speed."

Dr Walter Veith, DDS, Wiesbaden/Germany

"I see the following advantages of the Walser matrices: A simple handling, automatically very good position of the matrix, design of the filling, fast application, time-saving, one does not have to think for themselves, the purest children's game, many possible applications, without the need to individualize, e.g. no cutting."

Dr A. Voicu David & Dr Svetlana David, DDS, Arad/Romania

"Me and my wife, who is a dentist too, have been working with pleasure with the Walser Matrices since 1984, when we finished the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medicine Institute of Timisoara, Romania. Since 1992 we use the Walser Matrix System in our private dental offices with great success. We and not to mention more than 7.500 patients are very satisfied and happy with Walser Matrices, for the excellent design, the good marginal seal, the large variety of shapes, the easy-to-use and the rapidity of handling.

In the last 10 years we have many young students at dental faculties and young dentists for professional training in our dental offices. We show to all of them the extraordinary and top-level use of Walser Matrices, recommending to buy and to start working with this system.

Never we will quit the use of Walser Matrices, considering the high quality of restorations obtained with it during our 30 years of professional dental experience."

Dr Gert-Ulrich Müller, Stuttgart/Germany

"Walser matrices have an ideal handling and a high durability. We like to use them also together with UV material."

Juan Rivera Cruces, Düsseldorf/Germany

"This is a really good product, I like to use it for the premolar"

Dr Roland Fürst, Amberg/Germany

"I am very satisfied with the Walser matrices. From the handling it is this it the simplest system that exists on the market."

Dr Vera Maiwald, Berlin/Germany

"I use Walser matrices every day in my practice. They are easily and quickly applied, and adapt themselves to any tooth cone. I achieve optimal fillings in next to no time. My tip: Simply place the cotton wool roll under the spring clamp – an added bonus."

Drs Ingo Eppens, Springe/Germany

"I discovered the Walser matrices at clearing works in our practice. By my father I learned that an assistant had brought them and they had not been used since then. Then I read a report in the specialist publications on the Walser matrices by chance and was very surprised as the colleague reported enthusiastically.

Soon afterwards I bought a Walser matrix set and work with Walser matrices since then. If I wonder how many the time and money I could have saved, I would have worked with Walser matrices already earlier. They are fast and efficient. Moreover, Walser matrices are durable very long at a good deal. The purchase price is not decisive since the temporal effort when putting of fillings is considerably lower than with other systems."

Dr Ulrich Grohe, Reutlingen/Germany

"I work exclusively with the Walser Dental Matrix System, for me this is the right one - and I have lots of experience with other systems. Fits well, the wedges do not slip and I can use them with each filling material - because of the great cotton holder I use Walser Matrices even when I am doing a root canal!"

Dr Joseph Sonshine, DDS, Toronto/Canada

"After using just one of the Walser matrices, I have not used any more Tofflemires
My name is Joseph Sonshine and I have been a general dentist in Canada for 27 years. I recently attended the IDS 2007 in Cologne.

At this impressive dental show I had the good fortune to see the outstanding matrices which are manufactured in Germany by the Dr. Walser Dental Company. I purchased a kit and brought it home to try.

I used to use Tofflemire matrix band holders and metal matrix bands for direct restoration of interproximal caries. After using just one of the Walser matrices, I have not used any more Tofflemires. The Walser matrices are very thin and adapt very well to the tooth surfaces due to their design. They are much more comfortable from the patient's perspective and easy to apply.

They even help to keep the oral tissues away from the tooth, once again due to the unique design. They are easily removed from the tooth. It is even possible to restore two adjacent caries with one Walser matrix and establish a good contact area. These matrices are meant to be sterilized and reused.

There is one particular matrix I have used over 40 times and it is still great. In all these 27 years I have seldom seem a device which makes the placing of restorations much easier while yielding excellent results. I urge all members of the profession to try this unique matrix system."

Dr Mildred Hartmann, Büren/Germany

"Even 20 years ago, my predecessor recommended me the Walser Dental Matrices and I'm stuck with it until now, because in approximal fillings they provide excellent shaping in a simple + quick manner. Especially the X-shape for two adjacent teeth is unique."

Alexandra Beau, Munich/Germany

"I am very pleased with Walser Matrices and can highly recommend it!"

Dr Hans-Joachim Lassmann, Merdingen/Germany

"I prefer the Walser Matrices since many years, the complete system with its more than twenty different matrices."

Bettina Broscheit, DDS, Norderstedt/Germany

"Even from the handling working with Walser Dental Matrices is simply good, much easier than if I had to compose entirely of individual parts from a sectional matrix and wedges. Especially on the milk tooth I can therefore work particularly well. I can explain to the children directly with the die, what I am doing and why it "pinches" a bit and that it is over in just a minute. And so it is!"

Christian Zavada, Hamburg/Germany

"Walser Matrices are easy to use and have a very good marginal fit. The ease of use and security to come to really good results, working with modern composites make just a relaxing affair."

Dr Roland Wenzel, Lübeck/Germany

"The handling is the advantage of Walser Matrices: In general, it has been sitting with the onset of good and by the cotton roll holder the lap remains where it belongs."

Samir Naja, Group Practice Naja & Naja, Salzgitter/Germany

"Walser Matrices are really a work relief. They are applied quickly and easily, even in tight interdental gaps. The big advantage is the time savings. But the fact that they span and adjust the tooth, I also immediately get a good marginal fit and excellent proximal contacts. Often you can even renounce the wedge. Today I use almost no other matrices, where I had to work with different systems earlier."

Thomas Belzowski, Aachen/Germany

“I use Walser Matrices because they apply quick and tight around the tooth neck: First you do not need wedges and, second, you do not have bleedings in the cavity. So you have my recommendation!“

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