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"Well there is another cool alternative matrix called the..."

"Hello friends, It's been a minute but things like “life" just happens. Just a quick case today. What do you do if you can't use a sectional matrix because there

Tooth matrices and contact point

The formation of a solid contact point is one of the most important tasks in restoration of teeth. If a contact point is not thick, it lets through dish remains, which hurts the gums and causes

Sectional Matrices and the Restoration of Class II Direct Composite Restorations

Class II (interproximal) decay and/or a failing restoration that involves a posterior proximal surface is still a common finding in most dental patients.

The use of Walser Matrices as a Prophylactic Measure for overhanging Fillings

The latest conservation dentistry uses two and more-layer fillings as a preventive procedure. Shaping the filling and securing a full condensation of the material in 2nd degree

Never again Papillary Bleedings

A new matrix-system for a treatment oriented on the patients. It is now almost a year since I switched from the common strip-matrices over to the matrix-system of Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

Elastic Bands instead of a Screw and a Clamp

A year ago I switched from the usual band matrices to the sectional matrix system of Dr. Walser Dental, Radolfzell. I have chosen for these matrices because their manufacturer produce

Review: Walser Dental Matrix System

About one year ago I switched from the usual band matrices to the Walser Matrix System. I have decided for the Walser matrices because these are relatively more delicate instruments

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