Information regarding Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Regarding matrix forceps and the matrices

Regarding Orders

1. How can I order?

You can order via any dental retailer or directly from us.
You have the following ordering options with us:

a) Order form by E-Mail.
b) Telephone.

2. Forgotten your user name or password?

Send us an E-Mail entitled “Password/Username forgotten”. We will contact
you as soon as possible.

3. What do I need to remember for first-time orders?

We will only ship first-time orders by debit charge or pay on delivery payments.
+ POD charge.

4. Is there a minimum order value?

€ 100.00

5. Delivery times?

Within 48 hours after receipt of order (Germany only).
International as per to the postal service delivery times.

6. What package units of WALSER Matrices are available for order?

No. 1 to No. 25 come in 5 unit refill packs. No. 23 and No. 24 come in 2 unit
refill packs.

7. Can I also request brochures and user instructions by e-mail or post?

Yes, they are available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 

Regarding Matrix Forceps

1. Do I really need the WALSER Matrix Forceps?

Yes, because none of the other commercial clamp forceps have the necessary span width.

2. Which indentations on the clamp tip must engage when clamping the matrix?

The matrix must engage in the front indentations.
The rear indentations serve as additional security so that the matrix cannot slip off over the clamp. 

3. Can matrix forceps be straightened?

Yes, in most cases.

4. Are replacement parts available for the matrix forceps?

Yes, screws, nuts and springs. 

Regarding the Matrices

1. Which filling materials can I use WALSER Matrices with?

All current filling materials.

2. Are matrices available for particularly deep caries mesial or distal?

Yes, No. 10c and No. 6c (see menu item “News”).

3. Is a matrix available that holds over a rubber dam clamp?

Yes, No. 24. 

4. Which matrices can I use for extra large molars and last teeth?

No. 23 and No. 24. 

5. Which matrices do I use for primary molars?

No. 1, 5, 7, 13 and 25.

6. Where is matrix No. 25 located on the matrix tray?

On the base of the matrix tray. 

7. How can I improve the contact point when using X-Shape Matrices?

Insert an interdental maple wedge beneath the X-Shape Matrix as shown in the picture.


8. At what temperature can:

a) matrices be sterilised? Like all other commercial matrices.
b) matrix trays be sterilised? Up to 140°C (autoclave).

9. How can I increase the service life of matrices?

Never use force to push a matrix through an impassable interdental embrasure. Always straighten bent bands and store the matrices on the matrix tray.

10. How do I look after the matrices?

Please go to menu item “Service” – “Download user instructions”, Page 14 (care instructions).

11. Can WALSER Matrices be repaired?

No. If matrices are torn or very creased, they should be discarded and replaced with new ones.