Sectional Matrices Shapes


With MOD fillings and single, freestanding teeth.

Application Clip
Apply O-Shape


Biplane fillings with existing interdental space. 

Application Clip 
Apply X-Shape



For front teeth
Strip height 6.5 mm and 8 mm

Application Clip
Apply XF-Shape



For front teeth
Strip height 8 mm

Application Clip (like O-Shape)



E.g.for last teeth, extra-large molars and for use over cofferdam clamps.

Strip height 5 mm and 6.5 mm


The ON-shape, no. 24, is especially suited when cofferdam clamps are used on teeth from no. 6 to no. 8. This matrix will attach over the cofferdam clamp!

Furthermore, matrices no. 23 and no. 24 have a particularly wide span for last teeth, making them particularly suitable for extra large molars.

Contrary to all other matrices, insert the WALSER® Matrix Forceps in the spring coils; otherwise as O-shape.

Application Clip
Apply ON-Shape


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