The Company

Since 1948 Dr. Walser Dental GmbH has been manufacturing dental instruments with which dentists work daily in more than 100 countries.

In recent years, we have received over 50 awards.
Read here how jury members evaluate our innovations as well as our social commitment.

During this period the company has registered numerous patents. Developments for dentists by dentists include a sophisticated system of tooth filling matrices, the so-called Walser® matrices with forceps. This perfect modern system is the outcome of exhaustive scientific and practical experience and the continued development of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The largest part of our products we develop and produce in Radolfzell, Germany. Many parts are manufactured effortfully by hand since the company was founded. It is very important for us to hold and to safe jobs in Germany.

Dr. Walser Dental GmbH
Fritz-Reichle-Ring 18
78315 Radolfzell
Phone +49 7732 33 00
E-Mail: info(at)

We are member of:

Amnesty International
Dentalhistorisches Museum

Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger

Shareholder-Managing Director
of Dr. Walser Dental GmbH