Use the Walser® tooth matrix in just a few seconds

Clip O-shape sectional matrix  about 9 seconds
(glides easily through the approximal contact, simultaneously results in a shape of the filling)

Clip X-shape sectional matrix  about 9 seconds
(Ideal at two-surface fillings where an interdental space is available. With children two fillings are placed very fast in one appointment here)

Clip ON-shape sectional matrix  about 9 seconds
(Adapts disto cervically automatically and holds over the cofferdam clamp)

Clip XF-shape sectional matrix  about 9 seconds
(For front tooth fillings. Filling the cavity with surplus. Putting in and then letting off the tensed dental matrix. Two neighbouring fillings are easily placed with an X-shape front matrix)

User movie Sectional Matrices  about 4 minutes
in a dental practice on two patients how easily Walser Dental Matrices are used with one hand movement)

Film de l'utilisateur Matrices Sectionnelles  environ 4 minutes
à un cabinet dentaire sur deux patients avec quelle facilité Walser Matrices pour Dent sont utilisés avec un mouvement de la main)

Película usuario Matrices Seccionales  alrededor de 4 minutos
(Muestra en una clínica dental en dos pacientes con qué facilidad se utilizan Walser Matrices del Diente con un movimiento de mano)

Pellicola utenti Matrici Sezionali  circa 4 minuti
(Mostra in uno studio dentistico su due pazienti con quanta facilità Walser Matrici Dentale sono usati con un movimento della mano)