The time and money saving Walser® Sectional Matrix System Sets

There are three sectional matrix system sets with WALSER® Matrix Forceps as well as a Kids Kit. All matrices as well as the trays (except foam material tray Kids Kit) are sterilisable, repeatedly usable up to two years.

In dieser Sortimentsverpackung mit einer Auswahl der vielen Auszeichnungen, werden alle Walser Zahn-Matrizen Sortimente ausgeliefert

Assortment packaging for our handmade Walser® matrices


The tooth scheme shows very clearly which tooth matrix is suitable for the respective tooth

Including tooth scheme - simple selection tooth matrices

Each Walser® tooth matrix set includes a stand-up display made from a special plastic. Just one look and you see, which matrix can be used for which tooth in the upper and the lower jaw. Also the matrices for children are listed neatly. 


The dental matrices of Dr. Walser Dental were awarded Best of 2022

Our bestseller - The complete Set of tooth matrices

The complete set includes all matrices for your restoration therapies:
- Basic matrices for molars and premolars
- Matrices for anterior and most posterior teeth
- All the matrices for the children’s teeth
- Matrices for very deep, sub-gingival caries

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Dr Damouras says: "I've become much faster with my filling therapies through the Walser matrices"

"Dear Sirs, I am a user of Walser matrices since many years. I get on super with the Walser matrices. Particularly benefial is the good tightening against blood and saliva. Since I work with Walser matrices I am much faster with doing fillings."

Dr Michael Damouras, MSc., MSc., MSc.n
Dentist from Erlensee/GERMANY

More enthusiastic users from all over the world

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Other assortments


Order the 18 assortment with forceps and save a lot of time and money                              

The set of 18 tooth matrices including front teeth matrices

This set consists of the matrices nos. 1 to 18, i.e. with the addition of the front matrices no. 11, 12, and the extra tall X-shapes 17 and 18. The matrices are placed on a matrix tray.

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Order the 10 assortment with forceps and save a lot of time and money



The set of 10 tooth matrices

This set consists of the Walser® Matrices nos. 1 to 10 (except no. 6c and no. 10c), i.e. 4 X-shape matrices and 6 O-shape matrices with two strip heights. The matrices are placed on a matrix tray, and fulfill in every aspect all the requirements for a matrix used in the premolar and molar area.

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  The children's assortment is delivered in this foam insert



The Kids-Kit tooth matrices:

This Set includes the WALSER® forceps, the WALSER® matrices nos. 1, 5, 7, 13, 25, i.e. 2 pcs X- and 3 pcs O-shape matrices.

The matrices are placed in a foam material tray. Since things have to move faster with children, they are excellently suitable when treating children.

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