Never again papilla-bleedings

Die Zahnarzt Woche (DZW) 25/01

A new matrix-system for a treatment oriented on the patients

It is now almost a year since I switched from the common strip-matrices over to the matrix-system of Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, D-Radolfzell. With this system I feel enthusiastic especially for the dainty instruments and matrices of the manufacturer. They allow use even on smaller mouth orifices and enable the patient to clench when the matrix is in place.

Further the matrices can be used repeatedly as they are, in the contrast to those of other manufacturers, autoclave-safe. The application is very easy. The matrices can be fitted with a single motion and therefore, no screws or spanners are required. For fitting the matrix forceps is set into the recess of the matrix springs and spanned. This way, the two matrix strips are shifted to the requested point where the matrix can be inserted. Due to the spring-system, the matrix automatically adapts itself to conical tooth shapes after releasing the forceps.

To avoid problems with deep approximal cavities the company in Radolfzell specifically developed two matrices where one strip side is 3 mm longer.

Therefore, there is no need for an extension of the matrix strip in the approximal area. I haven’t seen papilla-bleedings in any case. When using other matrix-systems it sometimes happens that the applied approximal fillings are broken when the matrices have been removed. I didn’t notice this problem any more since I am using these matrices. As the matrix strips are extremely thin and light conductor translucent, I can use a matrix-system in the posterior teeth area for each tooth and any filling material.

Finally, the fixation of the cotton wool rolls through the matrices is a nice side effect. Especially for handlings in the lower jaw it makes itself pleasantly felt that the patient is unable to remove the sublingual-cotton wool rolls of the requested position with swallowing or tongue movements.

The matrices are available in 27 different sizes with strip heights from 5 to 8 mm. The manufacturer thereto offers three different set sizes (set of 10, 18 and 25) each time with special forceps and sterilizing tray. Repeat orders can be placed for each matrix in refill packs of five.

Dr. Vera Maiwald,

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