New tooth matrices for two-surface fillings


The newly developed X-shape dental matrices, which are ideal for two-surface fillings, now have even more advantages.

The new tooth matrices by Dr. Walser Dental bring a real relief at the treatment of two-surface fillings and existing interdental space – especially for children as well.

Like all Walser® dental matrices, they can be inserted and removed with one hand movement in seconds. These Walser® tooth matrices can now be moved even further towards the gum line and offer an even more comfortable hold for the cotton roll.

The new matrices were enthusiastically accepted by experienced dentists who have already been using Walser® matrices for some time.

"I’ve been using Walser matrices in my practise for about 8 years. Many inventions of mankind, such as the wheel, the car, the Internet, have had a lasting effect on people’s lives, and so have the Walser® dental matrices on dentists."

"Wetten dass" attendee:
Dr. Ralph Griesbach

See here the video of "Wetten dass" where the dentist Dr. Griesbach recognizes 50 burrs by their sound.

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