Aseptor cassette

The Aseptor cassette has been specially developed for transparent storage of root canal instruments and their perfect sterilisation. Several apertures ensure good ventilation during sterilisation. Once the contents are dry, the apertures can be closed with slides guaranteeing sterile storage.

The cassette holds two hinged perforated plates in which machine operated root canal instruments can be inserted with clamps or coded hand instruments with a frame. The inside of the lid contains two holders for cotton pellets and point papers.

The following must be observed by the dental assistant when the cassette is filled: The instrument must be inserted into the perforated plate and then the clamp pushed onto the cylindrical shaft (see Fig. 1).

The Aseptor clamp has been designed for machine-operated root canal instruments. This clamp enables easy removal of the instruments from the perforated plates in the cassette. The instruments can be inserted into the head of a right-angle handpiece without touching them (2) and, after the clamp has engaged, it can be removed by tilting them out (3). The miniature head is best suited for this purpose.

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