Again awarded at the SME Award for Corporate Social Responsibility


At the award ceremony of the SME Award 2015 for Corporate Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, Gerhard Daiger was again awarded representatively for the Dr. Walser Dental, whose dental matrices are successful around the world.

In a formal ceremony in front of 400 guests from politics and industry Gerhard Daiger was awarded in the New Palace in Stuttgart with the title "Socially engaged 2015" at the SME Award for Corporate Social Responsibility by Caritas, Diakonie and the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

For years, Gerhard R. Daiger supported institutions through donations, as well as dental instruments for Brazil, Tonga and the South Seas. Furthermore Gerhard Daiger supported for many years students who can not find a training, unemployed, entrepreneurs and companies that have run into trouble, free of charge.

The SME Award for corporate social responsibility has once again set a record number of participants in its 9th year with 276 applications and is therefore the nationwide strongest competition, that awards the corporate social responsibility activities (CSR) of small and medium sized enterprises.

"With a lot of innovation and creativity, the companies work every year for social cohesion in the southwest. As Caritas we appreciate this commitment to the common good and hold it for a strong signal", the Caritas directors priest Oliver Merkelbach (Stuttgart) and Monsignor Bernhard Appel (Freiburg) declared in the New Palace in Stuttgart.

Bishop Dr. Gebhard Fürst and Dr. Frank Otfried July commended as representatives of patrons the social commitment of entrepreneurs, which is exemplary and worthy of emulation for churches.

The SME Award is awarded by Caritas, Diakonie and the Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg for the ninth time. The award ceremony is scientifically accompanied by the Institute of Social Marketing in Stuttgart. All companies from Baden-Württemberg with less than 500 employees that support associations, welfare associations, social organizations, initiatives, institutions or sports in different ways and put them together with a social project on its feet were invited to apply. (Source: CSR Baden Württemberg).

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