"Best of 2012" for the manufacturer of dental matrices Dr. Walser Dental


At the lending of the "Industry Prize 2012" the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH became honoured with the certificate "Best of 2012" in the category "medical engineering". The manufacturer for dental matrices and other dental instruments belongs with that to the top group of the more than 500 compassionate industrial enterprises. Alone since 2006 the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH received 27 awards.

There is the danger at ordinary pincers that the part to be stuck jumps or slips of the laces. The pincers from Dr. Walser hold the sticking part tight automatically when pressing the pincers once together. Pincers must usually be pressed together durably tightly with the fingers, the pressure falls off or the fingers will clench fast.

The pincers are pressed together once, the part to be stuck is placed into the laces, let the pincers off and the part is held tight automatically. The pressure is always just as high and the pincers can be led very well. So e.g. a pin can be placed optimally and not leap out any more since the pincers have a vertical groove what the pin is stuck through. The second horizontal groove can hold small parts like e.g. an inlay (ready filling made of ceramic, gold or synthetic material) or contact paper etc. at the topmost edge and also locks automatically.

The "Industry Prize 2012" had already provided furore in the front-end because it had received more than 500 applications. All application records of the last years were put in the shade. And because there were many high potentials under the submissions, it was very hard for the 30-headed special jury correspondingly from professors and specialist journalists to select the winners.

Already for the seventh time in sequence the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH from Karlsruhe passed the prize on the largest industry fair in Hannover/GERMANY.

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