"Best of" Industry Prize 2014 for Dr. Walser Dental


The dental matrix for one-sided deep caries at the premolar convinced the jury and became honoured as "Best of" Industry Prize 2014. Already last year Dr. Walser Dental became a winner at the Industry Prize 2013 in the category medical engineering.

The Dr. Walser Dental has convinced the high-carat expert jury particularly, consisting of 31 professors, scientists, industry-specific representatives, experts and specialised journalists, and thus belongs to the top of the submitted applications.

The dental matrix for premolars convinced by the large amount of saving money and time as well as the ecological use, because the Walser Dental Matrix for deep caries can be repeatedly reused and sterilized and never loses its spring force.

Since the matrix for deep caries on one side is applied with one hand movement in seconds, no gag reflex arises in patients. With this innovation for the smaller posterior tooth (premolar) one hand and one movement is enough to make the matrix fit automatically around the tooth. Usually the matrix band must be artificially lengthened or cut at deep caries on one side of the tooth. This takes time unnecessarily and stresses the patient.

The number of judges provides an objective assessment and makes the prize in the industry branch so unique. Like in the previous years, many companies had applied in the 14 categories again.

The Industry Prize was already awarded for the ninth time. The well-known special jury checked the filings for their technological, ecological, economic and social use.

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