The Dr. Walser Dental nominated for the "International Best Factory Award"


In the journalist club of Axel Springer in Berlin the overall winners of the "International Best Factory Award" is awarded on February 22nd. The Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, manufacturer of the Walser dental matrices, took the first place in the category "manufacturer" with 2 other companies in the national comparison.

The overall winner "production" will be announced on February 22nd in Berlin and at that the owner of the Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, had to be competed with an enterprise of 5000 employees and 1.22 billion euros sales volume.

The "International Best Factory Awards" are carried out in Great Britain, Italy and Germany every year. The method of the collection of the data is identical and therefore the recorded enterprise processes are comparable and provide insight at international top standards.

The benchmarking project "International Best Factory Award" in Germany is carried out by the export academy Baden-Wurttemberg under the management of Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer since 1996. The assessment will be concluded by a team of auditors on site.

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