Dr. Walser Dental is part of the German top innovators once more


Lothar Späth lends cachet "top 100" to dental specialists from Radolfzell

Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, manufacturer of the Walser dental matrices, is part of the 100 most innovative enterprises in the German small and medium-sized businesses. This year's nationwide enterprise comparison "top 100" has yielded this. In 2007 in the context of the economy initiative the outstanding innovation management in medium-sized enterprises was determined for the 15th time. This Friday evening former Prime Minister of the country Baden-Wurttemberg, Lothar Späth, honours the enterprise from Radolfzell with the popular cachet at a ceremony in the Phönixhalle, Stuttgart.

The mentor of the small and medium-sized businesses project deems the Dr. Walser Dental worthy the success, who is successful with its dental matrix system worldwide, in the five central categories "innovation success", "innovation climate", "innovative processes and organisation", "innovation beneficial top management" as well as "innovation marketing".  

The company from Radolfzell, who belongs to the innovation elite for the second time in a row, earned good ratings particularly because of their innovative services and products. So the manufacturer for dental instruments was already chosen into the top 3 of the "International Best Factory award" and honoured to one of the best enterprises of its class in Berlin this year. Soon afterwards the enterprise was honoured in Stuttgart by Minister Pfister and Bishop Dr. Fürst for its social responsibility.

Innovation experts of the economy University of Vienna take on the search under the management of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke. With the help of a questionnaire the experts include the innovation potential of the applicants at first, a second questionnaire serves the evaluation of central aspects of the innovation management. Franke summarizes the individual results respectively in a detailed benchmarking report for the awarded enterprises.

Gerhard R. Daiger, managing director and owner of Dr. Walser Dental, is happy: "So this award still has a quite concrete use for us besides the image boost. With the strengths and weakness analysis we can further optimize our innovation management on the basis of a sound scientific evaluation."The Grand small and medium-sized businesses initiative is organized by the compamedia GmbH from Überlingen. All 100 enterprises are introduced in the book "top 100 - the 100 most innovative enterprises in the small and medium-sized businesses" published by Späth.

As "top 100" enterprises they are automatically part of the network of the best innovators and profit from meetings and contacts with the other 99 top innovators.

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