Dr. Walser Dental under the innovative top 100


A high distinction for the dental specialist from Radolfzell, who produces the worldwide successful Walser dental matrices, presented by mentor Lothar Späth

Dr. Walser Dental, manufacturer of dental matrix system, is elected to the elite of the German economy in the most important category even into the top 10 on the Zugspitze.

Gerhard R. Daiger, managing director of the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH based in Radolfzell, gets the cachet "top 100" for the outstanding innovative performances of the enterprise. The enterprise even makes the leap into the top 10 in the category "innovation success". The cachet is awarded in the context of the homonymous nationwide comparison study. Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the economy University of Vienna examines the innovation management of medium-sized enterprises therein: The hundred best - so also Dr. Walser Dental - are holder of the cachet "top 100" 2006. Mentor Lothar Späth presents the renowned award on June 23rd at the summit meeting of the top innovators on the highest point of Germany.

In his eulogy Lothar Späth balances: "The top 100 are not afraid of excellency. Expertly they steer the interplay of science and market, thus are economically successful and create jobs by their constant striving for innovation. The dedication of the top 100 promotes the growth of Germany".

So the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH has developed with the Walser dental matrices an instrument, which makes the work easier for more than 35.000 dentists in over 70 countries. Carious teeth can be filled without problems with the help of the self tightening matrices which adapt to every tooth automatically. For the patients the treatment is fundamentally more pleasant without disturbing spanners and screws. The great innovation potential of the Dr. Walser Dental lies in the close cooperation with the dentists.

A large-scale test action provided the corresponding feedback. Select users can check new developments thoroughly. Finally it is important, so managing director Gerhard R. Daiger, that the dentists had to talk with colleagues and exchange opinions before they would use the corresponding product for some time. From the results of the tests the dental specialists develops ideas for new prototypes and special matrices.

Prof. Franke examines five central areas of the innovation management: The market success, the innovation climate, innovative processes and organisation, innovation beneficial top management as well as the innovation marketing. The Dr. Walser Dental GmbH gets the highest assessments particularly at the integration of marketing in innovation projects, at the execution of acceptance tests and at savings by innovation processes.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke determines the one hundred most innovative participants in the study top 100 with a standardized method every year. Of about 1750 interested enterprises nationwide, almost 200 participants represented the challenge. The in every book trade available book "top 100 2006 - excellent innovators in the German small and medium-sized businesses" shows which enterprises have made the leap to the exclusive circle.

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