Invited to the award ceremony "Grand Prix of the small and medium-sized businesses" 2015


The manufacturer of dental instruments, who is known worldwide for their Walser Dental Matrices, was invited to the ceremony in Würzburg, as they have reached the final round and the prize criteria.

Since the nomination Dr. Walser Dental had to present many details about the company to the jury which had to contain beside economic, innovative and medium-oriented aspects also social, environmental and voluntary criteria. There were 5009 nominated companies, but only a few have reached the final round.

Now, the jury decided that the dental manufacturer has reached the final round and receives an award. Thus, Dr. Walser Dental is still one of the top companies in the country and may attend to the awards ceremony on September 26 in Würzburg. There, the finalists for Baden-Württemberg will be announced along with Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hessen.

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