Award for the social responsibility of medium-sized businesses: Dr. Walser Dental has been honoured for the 10th time


Companies’ social responsibility was honoured at the recent award presentation in the New Palace in Stuttgart among 400 guests. Dr. Walser Dental was awarded in each of the last ten years. This year Dr. Walser Dental received the award “Socially committed 2016”.

“This award expresses an exemplary alliance of solidarity. Politics, economy and social services combine their competencies, strengthen the social responsibility and the related common interest for the welfare of all people in our country” illustrates Urs Keller, member of the High Consistory and chairman of the “Diakonisches Werk” in Baden, to 400 guests in the New Palace in Stuttgart. Our society can no longer be imagined without the contributions of these companies, that’s the reason why Caritas, the “Diakonisches Werk” and the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing express their appreciation and gratitude with the aid of this award.

Reference: CSR Baden Württemberg c/o Caritas in Baden Württemberg

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