Chance to receive an education


With the help of the population Dr. Walser Dental collected hundred of thousands stamps, among them are the first stamps of the world as well as valuable albums which were submitted to the social and foreign aid of the Kolpingwerk in Cologne

For over 18 years the managing director of Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, has collected single stamps and albums with the help of the population, care places and sheltered accommodation for the elderly for the social and foreign aid. The proceeds of the nationwide stamp action earn around 15.000 € every year. The stamps are sold or auctioned by specialists of the Kolpingwerk to traders. Albums and other series stamps are pre-reviewed by specialists at Kolping and later again, exactly evaluated by professionals who work with Kolping. Then different offers will be requested and the albums and series stamps will be sold at the dealer, who pays the ultimate price.

About 100 kg were submitted from the current fund-raising campaign of Dr. Walser Dental to Helmut de Francisco, the vice chairman of the Kolpingwerk Diözesanverband Freiburg.

Among the albums are the very first stamps from many countries around the world, many rare and valuable stamps. There are also a whole series of recent decades in prime condition. Thus there are, for example, some follow-stamps of the first stamp in the world "One Penny Black", the so-called "One Penny Red". The "One Penny Black" is the worldwide first stamp and was handed over by the British Post for the first time in Great Britain on May 1st, 1840.

The stamp action forms a central element for financing vocational measures. With the sale of collected stamps teenagers in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe get the chance of a better future. Almost every fifth person lives on less than 1 dollar a day. Especially for young people applies: Without education there is no perspective, without qualifications there is no income that secures the livelihood. The Dr. Walser Dental very cordially thanks all donators and asks the population to join in it further.

Everybody can join because the stamp action permanently goes on. All albums and single stamps from all countries can be unsorted and cut or torn off (also the simple ones from Deutsche Post) and then sent to or handed over at the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, Fritz-Reichle-Ring 18, 78315 Radolfzell/GERMANY.

Caption: Left Helmut de Francisco, Vice Chairman Kolpingwerk Diözesanverband Freiburg, Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger, CEO Dr. Walser Dental

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