Dr. Walser Dental, manufacturer of dental matrices, sponsors emergency telephone


The Björn Steiger foundation operates 1,850 emergency number telephones in Baden-Württemberg at the moment. In future, about 1,800 locations still remain preserved for the emergency rescue.

The Dr. Walser Dental in Radolfzell, whose dental matrix system is successful worldwide, sponsers the retention of the emergency telephones of the Björn Steiger foundation. The managing director Gerhard Daiger sees in this an important necessity in the preservation of the emergency telephones since all areas still are not provided with a good mobile telephone net. In addition, one cannot assume mandatorily that any person that gets into emergency has a mobile telephone that is able to work.

"Since nobody felt responsible for the equipping of the federal-, country- and high roads with emergency number telephones (NRT) the Björn Steiger foundation started systematically with the full-coverage equipping of these streets in 1971. In between they were building and maintaining about 7,000 NRT. The emergency number system of Björn Steiger foundation was adapted to the latest level of the technological development again and again.

Within the last years more than 50 million euros were invested for it by the foundation. In the course of the strong mobile telephone distribution the reduction of the emergency number telephones has started since 2006. They were dismantled in the areas which have a good mobile phone network connection. Villages and rural areas with bad mobile phone network as well as locations which are tied into rescue chains of the forest enterprises are not concerned by it". Origin: Björn Steiger foundation

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