Dr. Walser Dental, manufacturer of dental matrices, sponsors Schüler-High-Tech-Tüftlerschmiede


The Schüler-High-Tech-Tüftlerschmiede (Hardware AG) in Faust secondary school in Staufen i. Br. is one of the most successful pupil communities of Germany, and celebrates its 25-year existence today. The Dr. Walser Dental, who is very successful with its sectional matrix system worldwide, is a sponsor. That's why the managing director Gerhard R. Daiger will not miss out to inform himself about the numerous inventions.

More than 400 invited guests from politics and economy from all of Germany arrived to congratulate the Tüftlerschmiede. Even general manager of the Grand Hilton Seoul, Bernhard Brender, arrived extra from Korea to transmit the congratulations of politics and economy from there personally in a eulogy.

In 1982 six technically interested pupils of the Faust-Gymnasium (secondary school) were gripped by the Commodore-C-64-fever and also infected their mathematics and physics teacher, diploma physicist Winfried Sturm. An active nucleus developed quickly from the seven-headed foundation team for an applied computer hardware with the name Hardware AG for short HAG.

Since then 25 years passed and the HAG has innumerable projects initiated, gone to numerous companies, won many prices - also international - and been able to already fill generations of pupils with enthusiasm about electronics and technology. It is led as an "AG for particularly qualified pupils" for the upper education authority and, if the group competes with the competition, prizes are almost the rule.

So about 280 press reports about the HAG, over 50 radio programmes and more than 20 TV reports count as one of the recognitions of the media, Daiger reports.

Some statements of the numerous prize days of the HAG are for example: Winner 2003 of the competition "Miteinander leben - Menschen mit Handicap" with the orientation guide for blind people, 2004 and 2005 regional, state and national winner of "Jugend forscht", 2004 and 2005 winner of the "Artur-Fischer-Tüftlerwettbewerb", 2004 award by Federal Transport Minister Stolpe for development against nodding off at the wheel, 2006 Regional winner qualifying for the national finals for "Jugend forscht", 2006 participant in the Exhibition of Inventions "ISIE" in Seoul/Korea with silver-, bronze-award and special prize of the Iranian Ministry of Science for the best high-tech invention.

Also 2006 gold medallion at the International Inventor and Novelties Exhibition "IENA" in Nuremberg for an excellent high tech development of a medical device one so-called cervical vertebrae training simulator for doctors. 2007 award of the microchip development against nodding off at the wheel during the 50th ADAC doctor convention in Munich. 2007 prize for the development of an innovative, pressure sensitive safety steering wheel and many other prizes. To be added numerous TV appearances such as "knoff-hoff" and "nano" as well as invitations of the Federal President Horst Köhler and Chancellor retd. Gerhard Schröder.

Against the backdrop of the Pisa Study the continuous success story of the Schüler-Tüftlerschmiede, so Daiger, a counter evidence for this is, that the pupils can afford excellent with motivation and engagement. Talents slumber in many pupils and the still unspent ability to face a problem impartially. This must be woken, so Daiger.

It in fact provides good career prospects for the students almost by itself, so the owner of the Dr. Walser Dental: About 80% of the tinkerers study computer science, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering or make a corresponding education after graduating from high school.

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