Further support of the worldwide greatest dental museum through Dr. Walser Dental


Dr. Walser Dental has supported the historic museum of dental equipment for years and now decided for an official supporting membership.

Since May of 2016 the historic museum of dental equipment is located at park grounds in Zschadraß, about one kilometer away from Colditz. Right there, on an area of 10800m², the museum’s own ground and other buildings are located.

The dental museum hosts a very impressive collection to the history of dentistry, as well as to the art history and to the history of civilization within this field. All this is illustrated in an amusing manner. The exposition is worth watching for all ages, for specialists and non-specialists. It is constantly extended and therefore needs constant financial benefits.

The museum participated with equipment in three great cinematizations. A Franco-German movie "A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years", the remake of "uddenbrooks" by Thomas Mann and the cinemization of his autobiography by Marcel Reich Ranicki. Last year the historic museum of dental equipment participated in the very costly establishment of a treatment room and companionship of filming at the Babelsberger film studios, so far the greatest effort for a movie with very high quality requirement. "A Cure for Wellness", with the leading actors Dane DeHaan und Jason Isaacs, was spread the 17.02.2017, involving the famous film maker Gore Verbinski (direction in „Pirates of the Caribbean“).

The central dental library, also known as Bibliotheca Dentaria, includes an enormous scientific bibliophilic treasure, which is currently worked off with the aid of the “sponsorship of the cultural area”. This unique library is to be saved and is to made publicly available further on. Since the building, which is part of the museum, must be renovated completely, constant financial support is needed. An enormous and unique task.

As much as one hundred single libraries from Universities, collectors and museums, archive libraries of companies and many private libraries constitute the great stock of the Bibliotheca Dentaria. The stock is extended constantly and it is for sure one of the reference libraries, without equal worldwide.

On the webpage of the historic museum of dental equipment you find a list of all the single libraries. New stocks are uploaded within a narrow time frame.

Source: extracts of the museum of dental equipment Zschadraß.

Dr. Walser Dental encloses an information letter about the museum of dental equipment to the orders from all over the world and calls for donations for the ongoing financial support of the precious museum. Here you find the call for donations of the museum of dental equipment.

Read also a previous report about a call for donations from Dr. Walser Dental.

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