Goldjupiter „Walk of Fame“


The managing director of the manufacturer of dental matrices Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, was honoured at the Goldjupiter gala in Wiesbaden/Germany in a special way.

What is the Bambi for media, is the Goldjupiter® for the medium-sized economy. The economy committee Germany of the social federal association economy, education and work (WBA) Berlin (connection office to the chancellery) honoured the previous Goldjupiter prize-winners who connect their economic success with exemplary social engagement.

Similar as in the case of the famous "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood a hand imprint which was immortalized in a frame was made. Also from Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger, who was taken into the "Walk of Fame" of the Goldjupiter prize-winners. Daiger already got the Goldjupiter, Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel also congratulated on it.

The exclusive gala evening in the spa rooms Wiesbaden took place with over 170 dignitaries from economy and politics, under this former Home Secretary Manfred Kanther.

The "Goldjupiter" the "Oskar for the small and medium-sized businesses" is the highest annual award of the WBA. The economy committee Berlin awards with this honour businessmen, who serve welfare to the public in a special way, since they connect their economic success with exemplary social engagement to move the exemplary work into the limelight of a broad public.

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