Sponsor for clinical traineeship in Tonga


Dr. Walser Dental sponsors dental students of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main for their clinical traineeship in Tonga.

Dentistry students of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main are doing a clinical traineeship in summer in Tonga. The Kingdom of Tonga is an island nation in the South Pacific. The island state belongs to Polynesia. The archipelago was once called Friendship Islands. Tonga consists of 172 named islands in the Pacific with an area of 747 km ². 36 of the islands with a total area of 649 km² are inhabited. They are located east of Fiji, south of Samoa and north of New Zealand.

During the 60 days of their stay, the dental students will be working in the dental clinic on the main island and will also provide dental care to patients on the outer islands. To educate and promote the oral hygiene of children and adolescents, they also want to train toothbrushing techniques at the local schools. For the dental mission, there is a lack of appropriate materials, instruments and equipment. Dr. Walser Dental sponsored Walser tooth Matrices.

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