IDS 2015 with great success for Dr. Walser Dental


Dr. Walser Dental, manufacturer of the Walser® dental matrices, which can be used several times, was again sucessful at the already sixth participation in a row on the IDS.

This year's IDS concluded again with a new visitor record and improvements in almost all statistics. This year alone, approximately 138,500 visitors from 151 countries and 2,201 exhibitors from 56 countries were on the IDS, the largest dental exhibition on the world, in Cologne.

The percentage of foreign visitors this year was around 51% and for the first time more than 50% and thus the majority of visitors.

Visitors from all countries and from Germany were impressed by the dental matrix system of Dr. Walser Dental GmbH from Radolfzell. The dental matrices are environmentally friendly because they are reusable. Also, they are very gentle for patients to use, as they glide through even narrow interdental spaces. Furthermore, environmental awareness has been further continued in this year. So this year no plastic bags but cotton bags were given to customers, as well as pens made of compostable materials.

As a novelty, the Dr. Walser Dental presented their new dental matrix forceps, the improved
X-shape matrices and the new dental matrices for last teeth, which can be used more easily and which are fitting better around the tooth.

In addition, there was again a very high number of visitors who wanted to share their experiences with Walser® Matrices and also a reunion with customers of the latest IDS. This pleases us more particularly.
We thank the countless visitors from around the world who have visited us at our booth and also thank you for the numerous orders. We look forward to welcoming you again at our booth on the IDS 2017.

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