20 years successful enterprise handover of Dr. Walser Dental


In 1999 Gerhard R. Daiger took over the medical device manufacturer founded in 1948.

This was the first time in the family history that the dental instrument manufacturer is not being continued by a family member after 51 years.

Daiger, who was born in Freiburg and also did a lot of business traveling around the world, took over Dr. Walser Dental GmbH with all shares completely. Since the takeover, he has moved twice with the company.

To this day, he consistently implemented many innovations. The result is many awards, e.g. in 2006 as the first medical technology company in innovation success in the top 10 in Top 100, again Top 100 company in 2007, 2007 "International Best Factory Award" among the Top 3. In 2013 the dental manufacturer won the Industry Award 2013 in the category medical technology. To date, Dr. Walser Dental received over 60 awards.

Gerhard Daiger has consistently expanded the internationality and has been able to win customers in an additional 87 countries. At the present time, the company has customers in 120 countries, regularly participates as an exhibitor at all major dental fairs worldwide, and has a complaints rate of virtually zero for 20 years.

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