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By the appeal for donations to the public, Dr. Walser Dental was able to collect and send a total of 87 kg of stamp albums, including thousands of individual stamps.

The press report in the Wochenblatt on 2/9/20 as well as the publication in the October issue of s'Blättle about the fundraising campaign with 210 kg of stamp albums and more than 600,000 stamps have encouraged more readers to donate their stamp albums and many stamps within two weeks since the publication.

Only through the support of these helpful people of different ages from private households in the Lake Constance area, it was possible to send another 5 large packages packed with stamp albums and thousands of stamps from all over the world to Bethel.

The mostly senior people personally handed in or sent their stamp albums, which they had been collecting for many decades, to Dr. Walser Dental. They felt addressed, wanted to do something good and donate their collections for a good cause. Their children and grandchildren have no interest in the stamp collections and so they wanted to donate them to the Bethel Foundations.

Many rare and important stamps are again included in these donations. For example, a valuable collection consisting of 16 thick albums with elaborate pictures of many animals and descriptions of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which is currently traded at several hundred euros. But also albums consisting of first day covers of the United Nations and special stamps on the occasion of "50 years United Nations" and the UN New York were donated.

There are also valuable albums from Switzerland, so-called "Taxcards telephone cards Switzerland", of which only one album is already traded with 250.- €. Or for example an airmail card with date of 12/12/1912, which is currently traded at auctions with a start of 40.- €. But also very elaborate folders "Child village airship post" with collections of the Pestalozzi child and youth village Wahlwies are there. For example, an airmail cover commemorating the first official passenger trips by airship in Germany in 50 years. Or e.g. the trip of the Hotair airship "G-Zepp" to the 50th anniversary of the world voyage of the airship LZ 127 "Graf Zeppelin" and to the Year of the Child 1979 for the benefit of the Pestalozzi Children's Village Wahlwies.

So the stamp shipment weighing 87 kg went on its way again to the Bethel Foundations in Bielefeld. More than 400 parcels, packages and letters with stamps arrive at Bethel every day. Bethel is delighted with the postage stamps from all over the world. Because they help people with disabilities find meaningful employment in the workshops. Over the past 150 years, the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel have been committed to helping everyone who needs help and have developed into the largest diaconal enterprise in Europe. The processing of the stamps secures around 125 jobs and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This is because stamps are still sold as kilo goods to collectors, the proceeds of which are urgently needed for those in need.

Dr. Walser Dental would like to thank all donors and at the same time asks the public to continue to participate. Everyone can participate, because the stamp campaign is constantly running.

Read more reports about the appeal for donations below:

More than 600,000 stamps donated for those in need

Pastor Pohl from Bethel, who was awarded the NRW Order of Merit, says thanks.

All stamps, whether on postcards and envelopes, whether cut out or torn off, used or unused stamps from all countries (also the simple ones from Deutsche Post) can be gladly handed in or sent to:

Dr. Walser Dental GmbH
Fritz-Reichle-Ring 18
78315 Radolfzell

Or send to address Bethel:

Briefmarkenstelle Bethel
Quellenhofweg 25

Here you will find out everything you need to know about the stamp collection center. 

Thank you very much for your support.

Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

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