"Best of 2019" also for the new inventions of tooth matrices


Completely surprisingly, the new inventions of tooth matrices for 4-surface fillings were also awarded the title "Best of 2019" in the medical technology category.

The company was very pleased when the manufacturer of dental instruments received the news that the two new inventions of tooth matrices named 10a and 8a for 4-surface fillings had also been awarded the title "Best of 2019". 

The new invention of Dr. Walser Dental was already celebrated at this year's IDS. The new invention was selected as one of the "highlights" by several hundred thousand exhibited products from 2,327 exhibiting companies and trade visitors from 166 countries. There was a huge crowd during an interview with a camera team. Read more about "Invention captures the world" here.

The new tooth matrices are adjustable and automatically adapt to the tooth shape of molars and premolars. They were developed at the request of many dentists. These Walser® tooth matrices can, for example, be adapted palatally or buccally, depending on the expansion of the tooth surface.

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"I have applied the new Walser® matrices #10a/8a several times now with just a hand movement and am very satisfied with the results, that's great!

The application is simple, the time required for the reconstruction has almost halved and the creation of the contact surface in the approximal region is as usual much easier. MIH patients can benefit from this new tooth matrix as well."

Monika Groß

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