"Best of 2020" for new dental matrix for two-surface fillings


The new dental matrix for two-surface fillings was awarded the title "Best of 2020" in the Medical Technology category of the Industry Award 2020.

Dr. Walser Dental has now been honored with the Industry Award for 13 years in a row. Last year, Dr. Walser Dental's bestselling set of dental matrices was already awarded "Best of 2019" by an independent jury consisting of 33 professors from Germany and Austria, scientists, industry representatives and trade journalists.

This year, the industry award in the industry best list awarded the dental matrix for two-surface fillings with the title "Best of 2020", because with this unique dental matrix, dental fillings can be placed in one session. This saves a lot of time, especially for children, who have to be treated quickly.

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Read also the enthusiastic, worldwide voices from the practice about the unique tooth matrices, which were also awarded "Best of 2020".

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