"Best of" Industry Award 2016 for new Walser® Dental Matrix


The new Walser® Dental Matrix for last teeth and extra large molars convinced the jury and was awarded with the "Best of" Industry Award 2016. Already last year Dr. Walser Dental received the "Best of" Industry Award 2015, in the category of medical engineering, for a matrix usable for double sided fillings.

It was an exciting start of this year’s exhibition in Hanover in many regards, especially for a few winners of the Industry Award: Since, after the official opening of the most important industry exhibition world-wide, by Germany’s Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama, these few winners received their Awards directly at their booth.

The top class jury, consisting of 31 professors, scientists, industry representatives, experts and specialised journalists, was in particular convinced by Dr. Walser Dental, who as a consequence belongs to the top of the submitted applications.

The matrix for last teeth is applied with just one hand movement within seconds and fits automatically disto-cervical around the tooth. Patients are no longer urged to gag, and besides there is no longer the necessity of removing composite of places difficult to access.

This matrix convinced the jury especially because of saving money and time as well as based on the ecological advantages of Walser matrices: They can be used and sterilized many times and never loose their constantly high spring force.

The result of the number of judges is an objective evaluation and by this turns the award to something really unique inside the industry branch. Like in the previous years, many companies had applied in the 14 categories again.

The Industry Award was already awarded for the tenth time. The prestigious top class jury examined the filings with regard to their technological, ecological, economic and social benefits.

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