Brand accepted by U.S. Patent Office anyway


After repeated rejection by the U.S. Patent Office the owner of the manufacturer of dental matrices Dr. Walser Dental fought for almost 3 years and finally wins at the end.

Despite dissuasion of the specialist advocates from home and abroad to proceed further on against the U.S. Patent Office, since several rejections were already carried out and according to the specialist advocates there was no more chance of success, the owner of the sectional matrix manufacturer Gerhard R. Daiger fought and achieved the entry of the word mark "Walser" after all.

After more attempts within almost 3 years the manufacturer for dental instruments delivered documents and proofs of the last 10 years which were demanded again and again by the specialist advocates from home and abroad and by the Patent Office in the USA. Many proofs of the deliveries and contacts to the USA should be adduced by Dr. Walser Dental. Despite proofs which were submitted to the advocates, this did not suffice and nevertheless the U.S. Patent Office declined repeatedly. New documents were demanded again and again which should still prove decades back that there already used to be business relations and shipments of the enterprise from Radolfzell to the USA, too.

Until then this had already caused considerable costs without every success. Due to further related high costs with a little chance of success the patent agents warned urgently of raising a further objection against the decisions of the Patent Office. Gerhard Daiger did not give up and motivated his employees once more to investigate and to collect all documents and proofs to convince the advocates. Finally he asserted himself against the U.S. Patent Office. This great success is an essential milestone in the development of the international registration for the managing director.

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