Glasses and stamps for the Third World


The manufacturer of the Walser dental matrices collected far over 340,000 stamps with the help of the population. Under this the first stamps of the world and 70 valuable stamp albums which are on the way for the auction to Cologne/GERMANY.

Gerhard R. Daiger completely unselfishly collects stamps and albs for the social and foreign aid of the Kolpingwerk in Cologne since over 16 years. Every year the proceeds of the nationwide stamp action brings around 15,000 €. Daiger would like to thank all donators very cordially hereby and asks the population to join in it further.

Under the albums are the first stamps from the whole world, many rare, very valuable stamps, even whole series. E.g. some follow-up stamps of the first stamps of the world "One Penny Black" the so-called "One Penny Red" are with it. The "One Penny Black" is the worldwide first stamp and was handed over by the British post for the first time inGreat BritainonMay 1st, 1840. The stamp was black and is provided with a motive of Queen Victoria, this one does not have any perforation and had a face value of one penny.

Today the collector's value of this stamp is more than 5,000 €. The stamp, however, was only a year in use. Because the originally red devaluation markings could very easily be removed again there, they had to be replaced by black soon. Since black devaluations were logically difficult to recognize on black stamps, the colour of the stamp also had to be changed: This one turned from the "One Penny Black" to the "One Penny Red". Therefore the number of copies of this first postage stamp was very restricted from the beginning on.

The stamp action is an important column of the financing of profession forming measures. With the sale of collected stamps teenagers in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Middle and Eastern Europe get a chance of a better future. Almost every fifth person lives on less than 1 dollar per day. Primarily to young people applies: Without education no perspective, without a professional qualification no income which safeguards the basic living conditions.

However, Daiger also collects glasses for Latin America. New glasses often cost the six to octuple of one workers monthly wage there. So only few can afford glasses. At the last glasses action the Dr. Walser Dental collected alone 1,700 glasses.

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