Dentists in more than 100 countries work with Walser® Matrices


In more than 100 countries around the globe dentists work with products from Walser®, most of them work with Walser® Matrices.

Over the past years the team of Dr. Walser Dental was in talks with an innumerable number of distributors and established contacts all over the world. Since then, many international specialized dealers from highly diverse cultures were trained to demonstrate the products of Dr. Walser Dental including the possible applications.

The dentists who work with Walser® Products are scattered all over the globe. One can pick out some point on the world map with his eyes closed and surely he points at a country, where the Dr. Walser Dental has clients. Spread over all continents, such as entire the Europe, Asia, North- and South America, Africa, and in many other countries like French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Ecuador, Syria, Japan, Algeria, Russia and many others.

The products „Made in Germany“ find broad interest more and more. Many dentists, students and distributors from all over the world are interested in the sophisticatedly manufactured medical products from Dr. Walser Dental. That’s the reason why the arrangements for the dental fairs in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and New York go full speed just now.

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