More than 600,000 stamps donated for those in need


The dental manufacturer has collected a total of 210kg of stamp albums with over 600,000 stamps with the help of the population so far. Among them the first stamps of the world.

27 years ago, the managing director of Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard Daiger, started to collect stamps and stamp albums completely unselfishly with the help of the population. For 21 years, Dr. Walser Dental has also been collecting stamp albums and stamps for a good cause. In the last few years these were donations for the social and development aid of the Kolping Society in Cologne.

It was only thanks to the great efforts of many helpful people of different ages from private households, but also from savings banks, nursing homes and retirement homes as well as other institutions, that it was possible to achieve this large number of stamps. Many elderly people have collected stamps and especially albums in their family and circle of acquaintances with great effort and sent them to Dr. Walser Dental or handed them in personally; and they have motivated others to do the same. These supporters were happy to donate their albums or stamps, which they kept carefully, to a good cause.

Every year the proceeds of the nationwide stamp campaign brings in about 15,000 € for Kolping Cologne alone. Among the previous albums donated by Dr. Walser Dental were, for example, the first stamps from all over the world. Many rare and important stamps, even whole series. For example, some follow-up stamps of the first stamps of the world "One Penny Black" were the so-called "One Penny Red". The "One Penny Black" is the world's first stamp and was first issued in Great Britain by the British Post Office on 1 May 1840. The stamp was black with a motif of Queen Victoria, has no perforation and had a nominal value of one penny. Today the collector's value of this stamp is well over €5,000.

This year, Dr. Walser Dental handed over 73.3 kg of stamps and albums as a donation to the Bethel foundations in Bielefeld. More than 400 parcels, packages and letters with stamps arrive in Bethel every day. Valuable collections are also sometimes part of the collection. Bethel is happy to receive postage stamps from all over the world. Because this is how people with disabilities find meaningful employment in the workshops. Over the past 150 years, the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel have been committed to helping all those in need and have developed into the largest diaconal enterprise in Europe.

In 2018 alone, for example, the social commitment to the stamp office in Bethel was very impressive. After all, 105,255 items reached the Bethel foundations in Bielefeld. The processing of the stamps there secures around 125 jobs and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. After all, stamps are still sold by weight to collectors, whose proceeds are urgently needed for the needy.

All stamps, whether on postcards and envelopes, whether cut out or torn off, stamped or unstamped stamps from all countries (even the simple ones of the German Post) can be given or sent to Dr. Walser Dental GmbH at Fritz-Reichle-Ring 18 in Radolfzell.

Herewith, Dr. Walser Dental would like to thank all donors and at the same time asks the population to continue to participate. Everybody can take part, because the stamp campaign is constantly going on.

Or delivery to address Bethel:

Briefmarkenstelle Bethel
Quellenhofweg 25
33617 Bielefeld

Here you can find out everything worth knowing about the stamp collection centre.

Many thanks for your support.
Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

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