"Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses" 2019


After its nomination 6 months ago, Dr. Walser Dental has now reached the jury level.

The managing director of Dr. Walser Dental, Senator Gerhard R. Daiger, had to submit extensive documents after the nomination and after request, which had to contain not only economic, innovative and medium-sized oriented aspects but also social, ecological and honorary criteria.

Barbara Stamm, President of the Bavarian Parliament, commented on the nomination of the competition, to which one cannot apply oneself: "Whoever was nominated here has already received a first-rate award through this selection alone."

Now Dr. Walser Dental is allowed to participate in the award ceremony and the big gala of the "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses" in Würzburg. Thus Dr. Walser Dental continues to be one of the top companies in the country.

For 25 years now, the competition "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses" has been held annually. "Sustainable management" is the motto of the anniversary competition year 2019.

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