Great press hype for Dr. Walser Dental at IDS in Cologne


The innovation of Dr. Walser Dental caused a great press hype on this year’s IDS and attracted 30 pressmen at the booth of Dr. Walser Dental during a press tour. Previously the pressmen had announced themselves.

Besides the local media there was the specialised press like for example the DZW (German Dentists’ Week), Deutscher Ärzteverlag (German Medical Publishers), Quintessenz, Spitta publishers, ZM (Dental Notifications) as well as freelance dental journalists, also from Europe.

The attraction for the interviews about innovations, with the Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental, was the new dental matrix for most posterior teeth and extra large molars, which is placed with a single hand movement and adapts within seconds. Generally, three hands in the patient’s mouth are necessary for screwing a matrix at the most posterior tooth, two hands of the doctor and 1 hand of the assistant. The Walser® ON-Matrix only needs one hand and a short movement; Thereby the matrix adapts automatically around the tooth and adapts in the disto-cervical area automatically, too. There is no longer the necessity of removing composite of places difficult to access.

The International Dental Show (IDS) is the greatest international dental exhibition and is the leading worldwide exhibition within the dental sector. All in all 2300 exhibitors from 59 countries participate in the IDS and more than 150.000 are expected.

The Dr. Walser Dental shows the trade visitors from all over the world the following day her innovation, which the dentists self can test at the booth.

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