Selected from 3,000 companies to help celebrate the anniversary of the SME Award


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Lea SME Award for Social Responsibility, the company Dr. Walser Dental was selected to help form this anniversary with a video message.

The office of the SME Award for Social Responsibility had selected Dr. Walser Dental from 3000 companies. For the submitted story contribution of Dr. Walser Dental, a tree will be planted in the Lea Jubilee Forest by the Stuttgart office.

Since the beginning of the Lea medium-sized business award in 2007, Dr. Walser Dental has been awarded every year at the SME award for social responsibility. In 2013, it was even voted into the top 5. In front of 400 guests from business and politics, including Finance and Economics Minister Dr. Nils Schmid, Gerhard Daiger was honoured at a festive ceremony in the New Palace in Stuttgart. Dr. Walser Dental had been nominated beforehand. With a lecture and a picture presentation in front of the invited guests, the organisers reported on the social activities of the Radolfzell-based company. Dr. Walser Dental was then honoured by the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Caritas as one of the top 5 exemplary companies see here.

The motto of the non-monetary award is "Performance - Commitment - Recognition" and it honours the voluntary social and societal commitment of companies.

This year, the SME Award for Social Responsibility celebrates its 15th anniversary. Due to the Corona pandemic, the award ceremony will take place digitally on 1 July at 6 pm.

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