Manufacturer dental matrix system chosen into top 10


The manufacturer for dental instruments was chosen into the top 10 of the most innovative solutions at the Industry Prize 2010 for the sterile keyboard in the category medical engineering. Over 400 companies were judged by a special jury. Alone since 2006 the Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, whose dental matrices are successful worldwide, received 18 awards.

By the hermetically thick stainless steel surface the sterile keyboard corresponds to all hygiene claims which are demanded in the medical engineering. Depending on field of application the standard overlay of the board made of stainless steel can also be used as printed aluminium, polycarbonate or glass. As an alternative to the standard button occupancy in German the explanations are available in other country variants.

The hermetically closed surface of the Dynasimboard consists in the standard models from a homogeneous metal piece. The keyboard doesn't have edges, cracks and cavities. Despite the robust construction of this keyboard an easily tapping with the fingertip suffices. The keyboard buttons do not lower, because of the piezo technology and thus wearfree.

The Huber Verlag für neue Medien looked for the most innovative products and solutions from the industry with the Industry Prize 2010 for the fifth time. The overall winner was honoured at the Hannover fair. So the Dr. Walser Dental was chosen into the top 10 for the sterile keyboard which satisfies all hygiene demands in the medical engineering. The dental company is mainly noted for its Walser® Matrices, with which ten thousands of dentists work in over 80 countries worldwide.

Besides the overall winner the publishing house awards the winner in the 14 categories of the Industry Prize. In addition to a certificate all prize-winners earned an Industry Prize 2010 logo which they can use effectively for advertising purposes on all documents connected to the product and on their company home page.

Since 2006 the Industry Prize is Germany's award for outstanding innovative industry solutions and is awarded by the Huber Verlag für neue Medien GmbH. All submitted products and solutions are assessed after criteria like innovation content and use by an independent jury, consisting of professors, scientists, specialist editors and industry-specific experts.

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