"Well there is another cool alternative tooth matrix called the..."


"Hello friends, It's been a minute but things like “life" just happens.

Just a quick case today. What do you do if you can't use a sectional matrix because there is no adjacent tooth? Tofflemire? Saddle matrix? Free hand?

Well there is another cool alternative tooth matrix called the Walser matrix out of Germany. Check it out and see what you think.

Disclaimer: I am not getting any compensation by mentioning the Walser Matrix.

I just want to share what I think may be useful to others. Again, we are all here to help each other get better... than we were yesterday.

With that being said, have a great weekend and be kind to one another."

Here you go directly to the publication of the cool tooth matrix and to the many enthusiastic dentists on Instagram.



You too can work with the Walser dental matrix like Dr. Patrick Calalang, USA  Enthusiastic dental matrix comments from many dentists on post by Dr. Patrick Calalang USA


Text: Dr. Patrick Calalang, USA

Photos and work by Patrick

Matrix by @walsermatrices 

Mentored by @david.alleman.dds @davey_alleman_dmd @drsimonedeliperi Dr. Bob Winter @speareducation

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