Industry Award 2017 honors Dr. Walser Dental with the title "Qualified"


The jury of the Industry Award decorated the Dr. Walser Dental with the predicate "Qualified". The Walser® Dental Matrices for most posterior and extra large molars belong to the top of the submitted applications of the competition.

Since 2006, Huber Publishing for New Media honors particularly advanced Industry products and solutions with the INDUSTRY AWARD.

The independent jury of experts is composed of 34 professors, scientists, industry representatives and specialised journalists. The jurors evaluate the submitted products and solutions based on a specified catalog of criteria. Crucial for the honoring is among others the general progress (innovation, readiness for start of production and future orientation) as well as the economic, social, ecological and technological benefits.

For the users of our Walser® Dental Matrices worldwide, this honoring is an additional confirmation and reference, but above all it is a unique feature within the international market.

Following this link you find more testimonials and informations why dentists all over the world work with Walser® Dental Matrices.

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